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Much of the economic and structural problems that Africa faces today and, in the past, could be better resolved, or avoided altogether, if quality data was available (African Union, 2022). Due to the world’s growing need for statistics and a widening gap between developed and developing countries regarding access to information – the data gap (Bédécarrats et al., 2016), Fellows Analytics was conceived. 

Fellows Analytics was founded in 2020 to shape Africa's DATA Revolution. We bridge the data gap across Africa by Excelling in DATA Planning, Collection, Entry, and Analysis. 

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The Need for Fellows Analytics
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To build an institution that can produce accurate, unbiased, big, and open data was a task at hand. As a result of all the above-mentioned issues, Fellows Analytics was founded!
Welcome to Fellows Analytics
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All of Us at Fellows Analytics | welcome you, wholeheartedly.
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Since inception, we have done what we do best: Partnering and Collaborating in DATA Planning, Collection, Entry, and Analysis. 

Without doubt, we are moving towards DATA xcellence!

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